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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Steps to Making Money on Your site

Assess your own site
Are you ready to go make money? Is your content in place? Do you have traffic and a promotion plan? How many page views do you have per month? Who uses your site, what are they looking for and what might they respond to in an ad or affiliate program. How much time do you have to put towards this project? 1 hour/week 10 hours/week?

Find advertisers and affiliates
Learn the "ins" and "outs" of the services. We listed some good programs that will send you a check at the end of the day. Not all programs are legitimate. Which ones can you trust to pay you? You may need to try a few to figure out which service/ad combination will work for your type of site.

Set up the ads/affiliate links

Find free scripts and tips that can help make this easier.

Optimize your site so it's easy to add programs and ads. Consider using server side includes. Server side includes dynamically add the header and footer files to your site. You can change just the header file and voila all your ads change on all your pages.

An HTML editor like Dreamweaver lets you insert server side includes. Make sure that your web hosting company supports them.

If you'd rather not convert all the pages yourself, just contact us for an estimate. We can do the conversion and put our random ad script in at the same time.

A random ad script grabs an ad out of a directory. If there's 3 ads, it will rotate through the 3. If you want different ads for the top of the page and the bottom - no problem. Just run 2 copies of the ad and different directories.

Of course you can go hog wild and buy yourself a sophisticated ad script but to start out any good simple random ad script will work just fine.

Monitor the performance
Check often and make changes if needed. Ads grow stale. Do you visitors respond to text links or banner ads. What's new that you could be adding.

Add content and tools can really help attract traffic and hold an audience.
I can't emphasize this one enough. Take a unique approach on your site and then add good strong related free content and services. Check out ideas on the Building Your Audience page.


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