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Monday, May 16, 2005

Surf Junky is a SCAM!

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Surf Junky Bans Those Near Payout!
Yeah, so you like Surf Junky. You won't like it any more when you reach a $25 balance. Once you get to that amount of money, Surf Junky will mark your account for deletion.
That's right, deletion. And there's nothing you can do about it.
Surf Junky will accuse you of using illegal programs to inflate your payout rate regardless of whether or not you actually used them. You will be blamed for this no matter what you do, even if you are following all of the rules. This is how they plan to silence everyone.
Surf Junky is making a killing!

So why is Surf Junky doing this?
To make money. And lots of it. Every time you leave your browser open to refresh one of their advertisements, they earn money from that advertiser. Unfortunately for you, Surf Junky knows it can make more money off your back by not paying you what it promised as you go on continuing to refesh the ads in the belief that you will be paid.
This business model won't work for long anyway. Not too many advertisers would pay to have their websites "refreshed," as that doesn't earn them anything. They'd much sooner pay for banner ad placement. Surf Junky knows that this business model won't last, so they don't intend to stay up for long. They'll take all of their cash and disappear without paying you a dime.

Just Who is Surf Junky?
A group of us has been working to investigate those who seem to be behind this website. What we've uncovered is surprising, and we won't release all of the background information we've uncovered just yet. What we can say is that we have researched Primo Creations, the "company" behind Surf Junky; Jean-Marc, the "president" of Primo Creations; and several of Jean-Marc's affilates whose names we will not mention here. Yet.
If you have close ties with both Jean-Marc and Surf Junky, chances are we already know who you are and what you do. Please come forward with what you know so we don't have to submit your names and contact informations to the press.
If anyone else has any additional information about Jean-Marc, Primo Creations, or anything pertinent, email me at echelon at -no spam - gmail dot com. We'll be sure to post it here.

Conclusive Proof of the Scam
Some of you may have seen this elsewhere, but there have been investigation into Primo Creations and their previous exploits. is just one of these previous scams. In fact, it was executed in much the same way Surf Junky is. Primo Creations set it up, asked people to surf for cash, then took off with all the money. Not a single person was paid. They even sold the website to another guy who is now having problems with the code.

This site details the math behind Surf Junky. You'll find it harder to believe they could ever pay you after you've read this.
Now, the final blow. Read this.
If all of this doesn't convince you, then Surf Junky has done its job. It has convinced another person to do their bidding - to play right into their hands. Don't let yourself become a victim.
This forum has been set up as a Surf Junky Watchgroup, and I highly recommend joining here to keep up to date on the latest injustice.

What will be done.
We need for Jean-Marc to level with us, or this webpage will be the least of his worries. I can only see this as the beginning of a large and very public diatribe of he and his company.
Legal etceteras in small print.
Beware of improper XHTML as it can harm small avian creatures and children under the age of 12. Contact your podiatrist for health and safty information. Yatta!


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