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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

ManageSurf improved.. New release out.

Hello to all,


I know that itç—´ been awhile since I given some news. But you will
know that ManageSurf will take enormously expansion in the beginning of
December 2005. You will understand after reading this e-mail.

First of all let me present myself. My name is Eric Grenier; I知 the
president of a few Internet companies. And ManageSurf is one of the most
prosperous. ManageSurf had too much popularity in a short lap of time.
I couldn't follow the request. Since i was all by myself i couldn't
devote all my time to it. Since then, I dealed with several other sites.
Despite everything, you continued to support us and I really appreciate
it. You may have not noticed it, but I知 a very professional person.
As soon that I saw the potential of my software I knew that a team was
necessary and I understood it, but I couldn't react as quickly as some
of you would have liked it .

All my companies suffered from my lack of time. But I have GOOD NEWS.
We will enter our new offices on December 3. In a few days! I will
provide you some photographs of our new offices. I will be FINALLY able
to hire several people to take care of the operation of the software and
the Web site. You will notice already an improvement of the messages
that you will receive by my share. We already hired a person to translate
my letters. I really want to be understood since ManageSurf is one of
the internet companies most professional. To make you, make money, you
expect to have a professional service and my future team is already
committing itself at 100% to it. This person's name is Jos馥 Greco. You
will often intend to hear about her in the next weeks. She will be the
first to be in charged of the service to the customers and she will be
also supervisor of futures employees for ManageSurf customerç—´

Also, since 4 months, we have a new programmer who deals to improve the
software. And i deal with the Web site. On the other hand, I will
leave the task to professionals within 1 month. We wish your success
and you will not reach that point without a professional Web site and
perfect software. You can see it at this address 都creenshot" of the new

Here are some modifications made to the next version:

- Live Update: Each time you start ManageSurf, the software will
check if there is an update of the software with carried out. You don't
have to download the new versions anymore. That will make us able to
make you save time and to increase your daily profits. It will also give
us the possibility of leaving quickly new functionality and to do some

- Login to All Surfing: in the current version, you required to do
Login All, wait a few seconds or a minute or two, to finally Surf All.
Now you only got to click one time and the site automatically æ–—og" and

- Auto-Retry (Very HOT): perhaps sometimes, some among you often saw
the malfunction of the site only after some surfing, it stopped. You
had to "Re-log", and Re-click on "Surfing". Now it's all automatically
done. Software knows when a site is stopped, and it will Re-log
automatically. Then it will start surfing again where it stopped.

- Category: You will be able from now on to classify your site and to
create categories. Example: Invested sites, Free Site...

I will not hide that certain bugs still remains. Personally the
software I use it and I understand that you have some complaints about it. We
did adjust most of them but the significant remains. Often, you cannot
use the forms in the sites, or write the text as in a real browser.
But our software with the automatic update will charm you as soon as we
finalize this "bug".

Download it now:

Thanks everyone and happy profit.

Eric Grenier


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