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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Tips from Jim Hunt, CEO 4daily

A simple step-by-step strategy to double your money with

1. Explore the site and Forums and read the FAQ to learn how it works. Make yourself aware of the very strict rules.

2. Join right now as a free member. You must be an adult and you must fully understand English. Be sure to use the referral link that introduced you to, as your sponsor can be very helpful to you.

3. Click "Start Surfing" to see how the automatic slide-show of members' sites works. View at least 40 sites and watch the surfbar for bonus credits and cash. Click for any bonuses that you see. Leave the surf bar to claim them, then continue. Look at the Cash Balance on your member page to see how much your free sign-up bonus is earning for you.

4. Decide if you can login and view 40 or more sites every day for at least 50 days. If so, and if you are sure that you can accept the strict conditions in our Terms, continue reading.

5. Decide how much money you should spend. For example, how much would you bet on a very hot tip at the track? We will use $100 for this example but the result will be double money for any amount from $4 to $10,000. Remember that this is a non-refundable FEE. You will NOT get it back and you must agree not to even try to get it back. It is a FEE to allow you to participate, not an "investment" of any kind. Our program does not allow it to be returned to you under any circumstances.

6. On the first of the next month (or sooner) and before surfing for the day, click Upgrade/Buy and buy 25 Units ($100) with, or You will need one of these payment processors to receive payments from 4Daily. We will not accept or make payments any other way. Your 4Daily account will be cancelled and your money lost if your payment is reversed for any reason. If you use your Credit Card at a payment processor, be sure to follow any ID instructions they require.

7. View at least 40 sites every day for the next 50 days and watch your Cash Balance grow. You will earn a little less if you miss any days, but there is no other penalty.

8. At the end of the month, you will have earned about $120 ($100 x 4% = $4 a day. $4 x 30 days = $120 in your Cash Balance).

9. On the 15th of the next month, that $120 will be automatically paid into your StormPay or Moneybookers account, or your e-gold account if you bought with e-gold.

10. Continue surfing until the 20th of that month (a total of 50 days). Your $100 upgrade fee will expire and your earnings will stop at that time. By then, you will have earned another $80 ($4 x 20 days = $80). With the $120 we already paid you, you have now earned $200.

11. You can then stop surfing if you wish as you will no longer be paid (except for bonuses) unless you choose to pay in some more. You can do that from your 4Daily earnings if you wish.

12. On the 15th of the following month, you will be automatically paid your remaining $80.

So you started with paying $100. About 45 days later, you were paid $120 in cash, equalling your money back and a 20% profit. You earned a total of $200 plus bonuses after 50 days. You then waited another 25 days to get the remaining $80 paid to you. You doubled your money for 50 days of surfing and you could walk away with $200 plus bonuses and commissions in cash after 75 days.

Payouts are monthly on the 15th and based on your earnings in the previous calendar month. If you buy on a date other than the first, it may affect the amount and the month of your payouts but the end result will be the same.

Starting later in the month simply means that it may take a little more than 75 days for your final payout. It will occur on the 15th of the next month after you have completed 50 days of surfing. allows you to expand this very simple strategy in a number of ways.

For example, at any time you could add more money (of your own or even from your 4Daily earnings) to make even more every day. Each payment lasts for 50 days and it can double in that time. So you could extend your earnings indefinitely if you made regular payments. You are in full control. You can increase, decrease, start and stop spending at any time and control how much you earn.

Optionally, you can make an extra 4% commission on all upgrade payments made by your friends by introducing them to 4 Daily and having them sign up at your referral page. This can be an excellent home business on its own. You could even offer to surf for your non-Internet friends and split the profits with them. No extra work - just add their funds to your account and keep records.

And if you are involved in any other web businesses, you can use to advertise them to our very responsive members, free of charge! Additional, highly effective advertising is also available at very reasonable cost.

So all you have to do now is get started for free! We are waiting to pay you $8 or more just for using the site and watching our members' ads, even if you never pay a cent!
Jim Hunt, CEO


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