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Sunday, May 29, 2005

WebMasterQuest: your key to website success

+ 1:1 Exchange
+ Guaranteed 30 second visits
+ 2:1 startpage exchange
+ Add multiple sites
+ Add multiple banners with
clickthrough reporting
+ Email ads, and text hotlinks
+ Surf for real cash
+ Traffic Prizes to be won 24/7
+ Lotto PICK 6, Cash Raffle
for traffic and money

Refer new members to Webmasterquest and build a
powerful downline - Benefit in three powerful ways!

When your downline surfs for traffic
10%, 5%, 2%, 1%, 1% of their earned surf credits! 5 Levels Deep!

When a member of your downline surfs for traffic, you earn a percentage on their earned clicks five levels deep! Don't be fooled by higher percentages featured on other exchanges. Webmasterquest offers referral traffic percentages on a 1:1 basis not a 2:1 ratio !

When your downline searches for traffic
25%, 15% of their earned search credits!
2 Levels Deep!

For most other traffic exchanges you only get a percentage of the number of sites visited by your downline. On Webmasterquest when one of your referrals searches our keyword directory, you earn a percentage on their search traffic too depending on the keyword bid searched!

Promote Yourself at the same time as
building your downline with your own integrated
rotator site!



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