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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Best Free Affiliate Programs

Have a website and want to earn some money from it?

Listed below are excellent internet affiliate programs to give you a jumpstart on earning a nice income from your website and the world wide web. All of the programs listed below I have personally earned income from and have received payment multiple times. A short explanation of each company is also presented to see if it will match your site more appropriately.

Google Adsense
What else needs to be said? Google is the benchmark of which ALL other contextual ad companies try to measure up to. Hands down, the leader of the pack in affiliate advertising for publishers.

Same company as Compact Banner. Excellent option for small sites. 468X60 banners with or without popups. 20cent CPM and higher. Have been paid every month for 18 months. Excellent option for default ads for the higher paying sites

Check back often and other excellent programs will be randomly displayed each time you view this page!


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