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Friday, June 03, 2005

Introduction to Get Paid (To) Industry

a) What is Get Paid (To) Industry and how does it work?
There are literally hundreds of Get Paid Programs, which pay members money and/or points for reading email advertisements that are purchased by the programs advertisers. The value of money and points vary from program to program.

b)How do you subscribe to a Get Paid Program?
Get Paid Programs are 100% opt in. This means, members are required to sign up with the program/s of their choice, on their own accord.

These programs then send email advertisements to the email address currently mentioned in the user information area. Members are required to read the e-mail/ e-mail advertisement and click on the paid link/s. Most programs have “timers” where the member is required to stay on the advertised website for a specific period of time (for example, 20 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds etc.), which again, vary from program to program. The member receives credit to his/ her account after the timer runs out.

c) Are there any rules to Get Paid Programs?
Yes. Every program has its own Terms Of Service (TOS), which potential members and existing members are required to read, understand and adhere. Most programs also have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) area, which gives ready answers to questions that are most frequently asked by members and non-members alike.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended:

•That potential members read and understand the Terms of Service of a program, PRIOR to singing up AND

•Existing members read and understand any changes to the Terms Of Service announced by the Program Owner/ Webmaster or Webmistress.

d)What is Get Paid To Click?
Some programs are strictly Get Paid to Click. Such programs do not send email advertisements to the members email address. Members are required to click banners/ text links on the website itself, which earn them money and/or points.

Members alert each other of new links in Get Paid To Click sites here:

All Get Paid To Read Programs also have a Paid To Click (PTC) are where members can click on banners/ text links and earn extra money and/or points.

e) How to use Search Engines (Search Sites/ Programs)
[not ready yet]

f) What is Get Paid To Surf?
[not ready yet]

g) What are Paid To Promote Programs?
Paid to promote programs pay members:

•A fixed amount per page view (for example, earn $0.0001 per page view)


•A fixed amount for a specific number of page views (for example, earn $1.00 for every 1000 views)

Members are paid once the minimum payout that is stipulated by the program is reached.

In the GPT world, you may stumble across thousands upon thousands of programs, with POs offering ways to earn money, whether they are the same, or, completely different. The most common ones are listed below:

PTR (Paid-To-Read):
Paid-To Read programs are ones in which you are sent e-mails, whether on the actual site, called a Site Inbox, or, your own e-mail that you use (for example, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!Mail). Depending on the PTR that you have joined, e-mails may come as often as 40+ within one day, and as little as 1 per week. Each E-Mail usually contains around 1-5 links to sites, in which you will earn money for viewing those sites and reading their contents. You will be paid, like most programs, after you have visited the site for a certain amount of time, which is shown via a timer at the top of the page in a new frame.

PTC (Paid-To-Click):
Paid-To-Click programs are ones in which you click on banners on the site, then view and read the sites that pop-up after each banner that you click. Like PTRs, there is a timer which you will have to wait for. PTCs are usually built in to PTRs and are usually called, Paid Clicks, or Paid Links.

AutoSurf is a way of earning money just like PTCs and PTRs, only that they made in a fashion that everytime the timer has finished counting down, you will earn your money, as well as immediately moving on to the next site, excetera, excetera. Usually, the PO has the plugin to add turing numbers, in which, after the timer runs out, you must click on the correct number displayed once the timer runs out in order to proceed to the next site. This helps to stop cheaters from trying to cheat the program.

Bubble Game:
Bubble games are only allowed in E-Gold, and not PayPal (both online payment systems). Bubble games are just like bubbles. You sign-up for a bubble game and the owner of the bubble game will usually either double, triple, or whatever amount more, your original money that you put into the game. Once you put the minimum amount of money that is set by the owner into the game, you will be allowed to have your own bubble.
Your bubble rises as more people join in and create their own bubbles. Once you reach the top, your bubble "pops" and you receive your money back, including how much more that the owner promised.

Say for example, the owner promises 200% of your deposit once the bubble is complete. You deposit US$10. Once your bubble pops, you get US$20! You can keep on joining these bubble games and eventually, receive quite a lot of money!
However, there is a catch!
With Bubble Games, the last few people who join always loses and doesn't receive any money. Why? This is because when one person "pops" their bubble, the extra money that they receive is paid off by the members who joined after him/her, and so forth. However, many Bubble Games are neverending and thus, you will usually always earn more money and not lose, unless people stop joining the game. Like HYIP which will be explained below, the earlier your in, the safer you are and the earlier you'll "pop" (hopefully).

HYIPs are almost like Bubble Games in the risk factor. Here, you deposit a bit of money (usually a fixed amount), such as US$2. You are then paid everytime a person clicks on a certain link, or signs up under you. Why? This is because of they sign-up under you, they pay US$2, and thus, their sign-up payment is given to you. The person the new member signs up under is always random, so, the more people who join the HYIP, the less chances of you earning. However, unlike Bubble Games in which a Percentage is earned, HYIPs have no percentage. You are basically given unlimited US$2 payments (or whatever the owner specifies) for the rest of your life, as long as somebody signs up under you.
The thing about HYIPs is to sign-up early because as more people join, there will be less people left to actually join the program, and thus, once there are no more people wishing to join...the HYIP dies.

Paid Surveys:
Paid Surveys are quite popular due to the fact that you actually don't have to do something with it every single day, which releives stress out of many and allows you to sign-up for hundreds of Paid Surveys without having to stress you out or overload you. Basically, you are actually paid to take surveys. Although many do not believe this at first, it is actually totally true. Companies, espicially the big ones, do want your opinion. Why? This is because companies always wish to maximise profits and to do so, they must know what consumers like you and me want from them. Many song singles, movies and magazines are never seen by the general public because Paid Survey Results show that people do not like their certain products and thus, there is no point for the company to be selling them.

Thus, our opinions are vital for them and the amount that they pay for distributers to distribute and pay for us individuals to take these surveys are nothing compared to the profits that they will make for selling products that consumers like. Some companies even pay distributers to distribute Paid Surveys which help the companies to see the overall trend in society. Knowing what consumers buy these days is very vital in order to earn a lot.

For example:
When the Baby Boom had arrived, there were literally millions of babies in the world. Here, companies began massing on Babyware, such as nappies and baby food and they received heaps of profit. When these Baby Boomers became teenagers, deodarent, hair styles and clothing were most profitable. Now that they are all old, convenient tools, simple transport and an easy life in a lawn bowling club is what most need and thus, companies changes to fit these needs.

Society is forever changing and thus, Paid Surveys help to see how to maximise profits for companies. Even Sony gives out Paid Surveys for people to see what type of technological products consumers like today!

Discussion Groups:
Discussion Groups are usually an option in Paid Survey sites. Discussion Groups are basically like online chatrooms, where a certain amount of people who are allowed to join certain groups talk to each other about a certain issue, or, a certain type of product. Here, the conversation is recorded and given to the companies who paid for them. The member in return gets paid a fair amount, usually around US$100+ for their participation. Sometimes, a representative from the company itself will actually be the leader of the discussion group/focus group, asking those who participate various questions. If you love to voice your opinion, Discussion Groups/Focus Groups/Paid Surveys are the best for you! Who knows, your opinion might even help companies save millions, or, make them earn millions!

Search Engines:
Search Engines are not like Google. These SEs that we talk about are ones in which each and every link on the SE is paid by advertisers who bid on the words. You earn a percentage, usually 60-90% of the bidded price for the certain site. Each time a person clicks on the site (usually 1-3 times a day only per IP Address), you will earn money. Thus, if you advertise them heaps, you may be earning heaps of money.

Those listed above are only the basic ways of earning money online. There are many more, including starting your own online company, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Programming, and much, much more. Unfortunately, I will talk to you about the full details of how to make money in the above, nor the ones I have summarised for you even further above. Why? This is because I am currently in the process of creating an E-Book which will talk about almost ALL the ways of earning money online, as well as Full Instructions and Support on how to make money in each category. My E-Book will be around 600 pages as far as I can visualise currently. May be more or less in the future.

Below are some Golden Rules:

1. In the GPT World, always watch out for scams. For PTRs and PTCs, etc, you should always look at how much it costs advertisers to advertise in the program. If the advertising cost does not give the PO a profit over how much the PO must pay for his/her members viewing the advertisement, then, it is most probably a scam unless the PO has other ways of earning money from the site to pay for any debt.

2. Always check that the program doesn't give you too much, at too high a pay-out. If the pay-out is over US$30, I generally do not trust the site because it is most probably a scam. If the payment per link that you click is above 1c, it is usually a scam. Therefore, if you see sites that have US$1 links, they are most probably scams out to get the newbies who think that they will earn heaps. They never pay.

3. Never give your password away to anybody, even if the PO "supposedly" sends you an e-mail asking you for your password. Also, every time you get an e-mail from a PO, always check the e-mail address and never accept any attachments, no matter if it is from the GPT world, or not as they usually contain virus' and trojans which are able to hack into all your accounts and steal all your passwords.

4. Always read the sites and search in the Search Engines that are sent to you as paid links in PTRs and PTCs as; if there are more valid clicks (aka, if the advertiser gets more visitors and money from advertising their SE, or other sites), they will come back for more. If they come back for more, they generally pay the PO, who in turn, pays the members. If you don't help the advertisers by searching for things you want, etc, then, they may not advertise anymore and thus, your PO may not have enough money generated to pay the members and thus, your not paid.

5. Be friendly to everyone but the scammers, cheaters, etc. Try to be a friendly person, unless you seriously aren't one. Helping others in turn will lead to them helping you when times are down for you.

6. Always check the Complaints and Praises folder here to see if the site that you are about to join is a scam or not. If there are no topics telling you if it is a scam or not, post in the General Discussion or Newbies Area and ask people. There will always be people waiting to help you. Never, ever, ever, ever...and I can't stress this enough...never ever join a program without knowing whether it is trustworthy or not from at least more then 3 sources. Why? The scammer may actually be posting, pretending that their program is trustworthy by pretending to be somebody else and posting that they got paid by their program. Thus, you should always find more then one or two sources just to be safe.


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