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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


So what is the longest a chicken survived without a head?

We just had to include this story somehow.

In Fruita, Colorado, on September 10 1945, farmer Lloyd Olsen was sent out to kill a chicken for dinner. His mother-in-law loved to eat the neck, so Mr. Olsen tried to chop off as little of the neck as possible. With a swing of his axe, off came the head. The chicken, now known as 'Mike the Headless Chicken', started to run around as chickens do, but never stopped.

Mike the Headless Chicken became famous and began doing tours. Mr. Olsen charged 25 cents.

Mike was fed a mixture of water and milk with an eyedropper, and occasionally he was fed corn.

Mike finally died in 1947, after living for 18 month. He started choking in the middle of the night, and since the Olsen's left the syringes they used to clear his esophagus at the sideshow, they could not save him.

We could not find the exact date of his death as Mr. Olsen said he sold the chicken after Mike's death.

Mike The Headless Chicken


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